I was born in the city of “Hatay”, the junction point of many civilizations and cultures therefore a meeting point of many different cuisines throughout the ages. Many years ago, my grandfather, who was a kunefe master and my father who operated the ‘Zeytindalı Restaurant’ in Sisli, Istanbul; they have become talented individuals of this culinary heritage and they have opened their restaurant. When I was 13 years old, I started working at my father’s restaurant.

Then, in 2009 we have opened our new restaurant named ‘HATAY MEDENiYETLER SOFRASI AL MADINA RESTAURANT’ in AKSARAY/iSTANBUL. We have left unforgettable traces on the tastebuds of our guests by ensuring the quality of our ingredients and spices prepared in traditional style. Due to intensive demand; we have opened 3 more branches in Taksim and 2 more in Etiler and reached to 6 branches in total.

With more than 1000 employees in all our restaurants and other business, we are involved. We host an average of 3000-5000 guests every day in all our branches of our restaurants.

In a very short time; we have become irrevocable flavor stop for statesman, politicians, famous artists, actors and famous athletes who come to our country and honor us. For this reason, our name started to be referred to as the ‘Restaurant of Celebrities” in the media. Depending on the success we have achieved, we have received very serious offers for opening branches from various countries. As a result of the evaluations, we have agreed to open new branches in various countries of the world. For this purpose, we are targeting to open our first branch in Dubai.

With the realization of such a project; I believe that we will make very important contributions both to the tourism of my own country and the tourism of the countries we will reside in.